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It’s spring! I made it through winter… Alike summer, I coasted through winter’s conditions. As summer was the best summer I’ve experienced in many years ~ nearly two decades in fact, so was winter. Because of this I can let go of my old debilitating fear of summer and allow myself to relax into very real prospect of enjoying it as I did the last!

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Written after the U S election result… Compelled to write, not necessarily because of the result, but because of the lack of choice that fuelled it..

We don’t know why
We cannot see
Why this, why this was meant to be

We can only attribute it to the Great Unknown
To shake things up and create a new zone

In the understanding that all things pass
No matter what it is, nothing can last
In every lesson, there is some good
Our mission is to find it to make it understood

It may take time for Truth to prevail
Never lose hope, allow Love to avail

One thing is sure only Light is true
Light is in everyone, even in those who appear askew

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Author and poet Suzie Palmer, from Australia, is considered by many to be a true inspiration, with her work appearing in numerous international publications.  Suzie’s recently published poetry book is called, Bright Blessings.   Her first published poetry, Loving All, was followed by Prosperity Rat, an illustrated book of haiku.  Her writings have also appeared in the Adventures in Manifesting series.   Suzie also writes literary analyses, forewords and performs edits for international authors.

Come Fly With Me, a collection of Suzie’s stories for children, led to several invitations to give presentations at schools and motivational talks at workplaces.  Suzie performs her poetry at events, usually accompanied by live musicians and has recorded her poetry to music on two CDs: Inner Bright Blessings and Global Bright Blessings.  She is currently writing her autobiography, Agony – A Path to Bliss, while generally working for world peace, love, and humanity.

Suzie is honoured to be a founding member and ambassador of Global Village Forum (GVF), promoting love, peace and tolerance around the world.

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Enjoyed writing this piece A Modern Day Zarathustra for Andrei Aleksandrovich Azsacra’s book’s: Symbol of Nothing to Power … Please click here to read.

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Stem Cell Therapy and PeptidesAyurvedic Medicine, and Body Work Therapies

I’m very happy to report that I am coasting through this exceptionally cold winter as I did through summer! It was the best summer and this is becoming the best winter I’ve experienced in many years, nearly two decades in actually.

I primarily attribute this buoyant feeling to the two Stem Cell treatments I received in September 2014 and March 2015, together with the peptides I been administering since the first treatment.

Peptides support the body in so many ways.  On my Health page is a list of some of the benefits I’ve experienced. I am blessed to receive the best quality peptides from the PeptideClinics, who also give me the best quality care and service starting from Dr John Hart to all the friendly team! Please visit: https://www.peptideclinics.com.au/

Ayurvedic herbs I’ve been taking since May last year have also contributed to me feeling so vibrantly well!  As well as body work therapies….  As we know, it takes a whole body, holistic approach for the total wellness that we wish for and for which I am seeking…  I am already so grateful for my health, ironically I’m healthier than I’ve ever been!  I thankful for my nourished cells, increased muscle tone and power, lightness in my limbs, strong bones, gifting me with more energy than I can remember!_/|\_ Sending everyone much love xox :-)

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