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Bella Bunny Rat ~ 7-01-2018

You left the world with grace and ease
Lying in your penthouse suite
On top of the cage, never in the cage
Your life was such a treat

You melted us with such sweet charm
Your presence was a healing balm
Soothing our hearts with your bright love
So sad we had to part

But off you fly Bella Bunny Rat
To meet up with our eight other girls
Your sister Sprinkly Sparkles will be there too
We can imagine the mischief you’ll all get in


(The term for a group of rats is called ‘a mischief’)

* * *

Nanna’s Last Wish

Dying at home

NannaFlowers.jpg (Copy)

If the one last impassioned wish of your loved one is to die at home, then I wholeheartedly recommend you do everything in your power to make it happen. If the doctor says there is nothing more they can do, then do everything you can to get your loved one home. My 96-year-old Nanna fearlessly acknowledged that there was nothing more they could do for her, and said, ‘take me home where I belong’. Nan’s mantra in her last few days in hospital was, ‘I want to go home’ … forming the word ‘home’ on her lips as if it were the most sacred place in the world. Days were lost in the process of getting her home because the hospital system doesn’t seem to have an effective communication system between the physio, the OT, the palliative care nurse, the social worker, and the doctor… all butting heads at different times and none of them had any idea of what is available in the community to support dying loved ones at home: A palliative care nurse visits every day; a community nurse visits every day; personal care workers are available; 48 hours of palliative care is available to everyone; and the loving presence of family and friends surrounds the loved one.

Luckily, I have first-hand knowledge of what’s available in the community, as well as an ideal set up at home… And Nanna had just been awarded a ‘My Aged Care’ package… So precious time shouldn’t have been lost in getting Nanna out to have the superior loving care she would never have received in hospital.

But, two and a half days were wasted with my Nanna touchingly chanting, ‘I want to go home,’ and she was finally released thanks to my dear friend who works in the hospital, speaking with and then putting me in touch with the right person to discharge Nanna, as soon as I provided the services and support we’d put into place.

When Nanna finally got home and laid in her bed, she exclaimed, ‘This is heaven!’ And over the next nine days, while enveloped in the wings of her loved ones, Nanna surrendered so gracefully, beautifully, courageously and peacefully to the ultimate transition all of us must take… It was an honour to witness and share… Nanna did it perfectly and paved the ideal way all of us could take graduating into the Great Unknown…

‘70% of people want to die at home, only 14% of people achieve it.’ ~ ‘Dying well’. Article:  Dying Well

Happy 94th Birthday Cherished Nan


Although your presence has left our eyes
Your essence now fills our reflective skies
When we contemplate the beauty of your life
A life you lived so fully in your steady stride

The impact of you being has been so great
96 years of living we celebrate
Although never enough time to share our love
Each moment was a blessing especially when we rose above

The trials and tribulations that come with living
Precious Nanna you were oh so very giving
Nothing was too much with your words, ‘we’ll get there’
Thank you forever for your care

May our energies merge in whatever comes
We’re only a breath away when it’s all said and done
The in-breath and out-breath fuels the living
The final out-breath is the one
When our energies might go swimming




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Author and poet Suzie Palmer, from Australia, is considered by many to be a true inspiration, with her work appearing in numerous international publications.  Suzie’s recently published poetry book is called, Bright Blessings.   Her first published poetry, Loving All, was followed by Prosperity Rat, an illustrated book of haiku.  Her writings have also appeared in the Adventures in Manifesting series.   Suzie also writes literary analyses, forewords and performs edits for international authors.

Come Fly With Me, a collection of Suzie’s stories for children, led to several invitations to give presentations at schools and motivational talks at workplaces.  Suzie performs her poetry at events, usually accompanied by live musicians and has recorded her poetry to music on two CDs: Inner Bright Blessings and Global Bright Blessings.  She is currently writing her autobiography, Agony – A Path to Bliss, while generally working for world peace, love, and humanity.

Suzie is honoured to be a founding member and ambassador of Global Village Forum (GVF), promoting love, peace and tolerance around the world.

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My most recent writing piece for a book:

Enjoyed writing this piece A Modern Day Zarathustra for Andrei Aleksandrovich Azsacra’s book’s: Symbol of Nothing to Power … Please click here to read.

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Stem Cell Therapy and PeptidesAyurvedic Medicine, and Body Work Therapies

I’m very happy to report that I am coasting through this exceptionally cold winter as I did through summer! It was the best summer and this is becoming the best winter I’ve experienced in many years, nearly two decades in actually.

I primarily attribute this buoyant feeling to the two Stem Cell treatments I received in September 2014 and March 2015, together with the peptides I been administering since the first treatment.

Peptides support the body in so many ways.  On my Health page is a list of some of the benefits I’ve experienced. I am blessed to receive the best quality peptides from the PeptideClinics, who also give me the best quality care and service starting from Dr John Hart to all the friendly team! Please visit: https://www.peptideclinics.com.au/

Ayurvedic herbs I’ve been taking since May last year have also contributed to me feeling so vibrantly well!  As well as body work therapies….  As we know, it takes a whole body, holistic approach for the total wellness that we wish for and for which I am seeking…  I am already so grateful for my health, ironically I’m healthier than I’ve ever been!  I thankful for my nourished cells, increased muscle tone and power, lightness in my limbs, strong bones, gifting me with more energy than I can remember!_/|\_ Sending everyone much love xox :-)

Click here for further details and benefits on my Health page




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