Author and poet Suzie Palmer, from Australia, is considered by many to be a true inspiration, with her work appearing in numerous international publications.  Suzie’s recently published poetry book is called, Bright Blessings.   Her first published poetry, Loving All, was followed by Prosperity Rat, an illustrated book of haiku.  Her writings have also appeared in the Adventures in Manifesting series.

Come Fly With Me, a collection of Suzie’s stories for children, led to several invitations to give presentations at schools and motivational talks at workplaces.  Suzie performs her poetry at events, usually accompanied by live musicians and has recently recorded her poetry to music on two CDs: Inner Bright Blessings and Global Bright Blessings.  She is currently writing her autobiography, Agony – A Path to Bliss, while generally working for world peace, love, and humanity.

Suzie is honoured to be an Ambassador at Large and Australian Assistant Chairperson for International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and Interfaith Harmony Council (IFHC).  She is a founding member of Global Village Forum (GVF), and was recently appointed as Director of Human Rights for Global Citizenship Union (GCU), where she is also an Honorary Coordinator.

Stem Cell Therapy


Very excited about my second stem cell treatment next week!! The date is the fortuitous St Patrick’s Day, so I’ll have the ‘Luck of the Irish’ on my side xox Shamrock Stem Cell Blessing

31-12-14    New Year’s Eve Update

So pleased with how I’m feeling.  Normally, at this time of year I’m feeling the weight of the heat and sluggishness in my body.  Instead, after my stem cell treatment in mid-September (18th), I have continued to experience vitality in my body.

Approximately three weeks ago, I felt I went sideways to backwards and became concerned the effects of the treatment had begun to plateau; however, I soon returned to the wonderful feeling of my renewed self.  And, in any one day, if my fingers begin to curl, I now know that in a matter of time/moments my hands will return to being lovely and relaxed.

Happily, I am touch-typing this update.  I feel light, energetic, balanced and full of hope for the future.  The dread of the continued hot, humid months of summer and early spring no longer fills me.  I can stand strong, and most often perform transfers with near gusto and confidence.  I also have smoothness in my body and muscles I’d forgotten.  All of this adding to my elated sense of wellbeing!

Although I’m not yet taking walking steps, I look forward to 2015 when I return for a second treatment to enable to stem cells really to kick in.  This makes sense for me as I’ve been experiencing symptoms of MS since early 1995.

Wishing everyone a Happy 2015 Bursting with Hope!  Blessing stem cells for making hope possible _/|\_  Much Love and Joy, Suzie xox

22-11 ~ Update after my Stem Cell Transplant for MS on 18/9/14

My wellbeing has improved has improved tremendously.
My hands are relaxed and wonderfully light… It’s great being able to pick up minute objects because my pincer grip is back!
I have energy and feel strong even in 40 degree Celsius heat.
Last Monday, I commenced taking Thymosin peptide in the evenings, which has caused me to feel even more ‘normal’.  Thymosin has anti-inflammatory properties that are enabling me to combat the heat and make my body feel light and more free-flowing and flexible.
I have been taking IGF-1 LR3 peptide since August, a month before my stem cell treatment (18-9), and every weekday morning following.  This peptide is building my muscle mass and making me feel very strong.
The two peptides together seem to be creating a very positive synergy within me, enhancing the magic work the stem cells are performing in my body.
The improvements are amazing and encouraging… To say I am grateful is an understatement!

With love and great joy, Suzie xox


My relaxed hands and straight fingers feel great!
I am touch-typing effortlessly, accurately and with energy.
My limbs feel light and I my neck and upper body are moving with fluidity and smoothness for the first time in years. I didn’t realise just how locked-up in the body I’d become.
I can sign my signature well and use my fork properly again because my fine motor skills have returned. I awake in the morning feeling a freshness and energy throughout my body similar to the distant memory of being a child..
All of this and more despite the increasing heat.
It has been five weeks since my stem cell transplant (18-9-14) and I am improving with each week. I feel so blessed and grateful having forgotten that health feels so good!

First Update

After my Stem Cell Treatment (Adipose Derived Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma Blood Treatment) on September 18, I have been feeling wonderful in so many ways!

I highly-recommend anyone with MS doing it asap!  I have had relentless Secondary Progressive MS since early 1995 and the stem cell treatment has certainly begun to work its magic on/in me…

Effects of therapy were felt immediately.  On the first night I held my fork normally and was able to get everything off my plate.  I noticed that my balanced improved too and I woke in the morning with lighter limbs and moving my fingers far more freely.  From thereon, my limbs have continued feeling lighter, and my hands have been working so much better more often than not.   My hands and arms now open easily and my neck and shoulders move with more fluidity.  My legs are no longer rigid and my overall balanced has improved tremendously.  Happily, I am more confident and stronger transferring and standing.

On Sunday 28 (Sept), I attended the MS Go for Gold Scholarship Luncheon having been awarded an Arts Scholarship to assist me with my dream of bringing about the publishing of my children’s story Come Fly with Me and my autobiography, Agony ~ A Path to Bliss.

To and from the event, I was able to transfer confidently in and out of a low car that had no frames around the window to hold on to.  Using the wheelchair accessible toilet was a breeze compared to my years of difficulty and I could cross my legs while sitting my wheelchair, which I also haven’t been able to do in over a decade.

I began putting on my t-shirts each morning without much difficulty and have even begun taking them off at night, as well as sometimes undoing my bra-straps (another first in well over a decade).  In the evenings, I effortlessly get off my low couch holding on to my walker and often take one, two, three or four steps; steps I haven’t been able to take as easily any time this year…

Overall, I have been feeling and growing stronger every day…  I feel ‘normal’ again… my life-force is bursting with an energy I had nearly forgotten existed.  I am so grateful to be on the healing path!

Before the treatment Dr Felix of Master Derm Clinic asked what I hoped to gain from the therapy understanding it was a treatment not a cure.  I replied, ‘Improvement on any level.  A cessation of progression.  Increased energy.  A renewed hope in the future.’  These hopes have certainly been achieved and now I look forward to what the future brings.  Because of the degree of my physical-challenge from having had my version of MS for 19-years, Dr Felix has advised me to return for another treatment in six-months to help bring about even greater results.  I wholeheartedly agreed to come back, thrilled at another, even greater opportunity.

In the meantime, I am so happy that my overall wellbeing has improved!  The thought of facing a long, hot, humid summer no longer terrifies me now I know I have my healthy stem cells running my body performing their magic.

This treatment is truly a must for anyone in a position to do it!!!  ~ Medi-Credit is available for financial assistance if needed…

Click on title to read my celebration poem called Healthy Living

The ASCF website has an abundance of science based articles on Regenerative Medicine you can read

I had a wonderful book launch on September 6 for my most recent poetry book Bright Blessings. A philosophical bite of love and joy to enrich all walks of life and a natural successor to Suzie’s popular first book, Loving All.

Proceeds from the sale of Bright Blessings are helping to fund my Stem Cell Therapy (to help my body keep up with my mind). After 19 years of living with multiple sclerosis, the physical challenge that has creatively transformed my life, I am now more than ready to receive the benefits of the breakthrough treatment.

If you would like a copy of Bright Blessings, Click here to purchase directly

The Gnostic Corner magazine interviewed me a couple of weeks ago.. Here is the link online to such a colourful and informative, healing magazine.. Out in print next week: Gnostic Corner

Click this link to my Media and Others Interests page to read recent article written in The Peninsula News 



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