Author and poet Suzie Palmer, from Australia, is considered by many to be a true inspiration, with her work appearing in numerous international publications.  Suzie’s recently published poetry book is called, Bright Blessings.   Her first published poetry, Loving All, was followed by Prosperity Rat, an illustrated book of haiku.  Her writings have also appeared in the Adventures in Manifesting series.

Come Fly With Me, a collection of Suzie’s stories for children, led to several invitations to give presentations at schools and motivational talks at workplaces.  Suzie performs her poetry at events, usually accompanied by live musicians and has recently recorded her poetry to music on two CDs: Inner Bright Blessings and Global Bright Blessings.  She is currently writing her autobiography, Agony – A Path to Bliss, while generally working for world peace, love, and humanity.

Suzie is honoured to be an Ambassador at Large and Australian Assistant Chairperson for International Human Rights Commission (IHRC) and Interfaith Harmony Council (IFHC).  She is a founding member of Global Village Forum (GVF), and was recently appointed as Director of Human Rights for Global Citizenship Union (GCU), where she is also an Honorary Coordinator.

Forthcoming Event:  Book Launch Bright Blessings Suzie2s
A philosophical bite of love and joy, Bright Blessings is a poetry book to enrich all walks of life and is a natural successor to Suzie’s popular first book, Loving All.

Join Suzie and her backing musicians for an hour of unique entertainment and uplifting poetry.

Where: Spike Milligan Room, Woy Woy library
(corner of Oval & Blackwall Road, Woy Woy)

When: Saturday 6 September 2014, 11.45am to 12.45pm

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