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Bright Blessings is a pleasingly large poetry book bursting with colour and life, to fill your heart. Within its pages the poems reach inside your soul, discerning our oneness with all, our love, our humanity and our creative propensity. A natural successor to Loving All – Suzie’s first poetry book, Bright Blessings is a collection of poems penned throughout her journey over four years. The poems are included here in chronological order, allowing you to travel with Suzie and share in her growth ~ spiritually, mentally and emotionally, gaining a unique insight into the poet’s true nature. A philosophical bite of love and joy, Bright Blessings is a book to enrich all walks of life…

Within These Pages

Within these pages are poems from my heart
My own blend of Bright Blessings
Love, I wish to impart

Permeating the world with loving-kindness
Uniting souls through meaningful rhyme
Reminding us of our inherent oneness
May we walk in time, celebrating our chimes

Within these pages are poems from my heart
Bridging life with Bright Blessings
Sending care for all people from the start

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