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Movement is Life ~ Movement is Freedom

Fundraiser to purchase a MOTOmed Viva 1, an electronic leg and arm trainer – manifesting movement in my life. This fundraiser ran from Saturday the 8th of February until 25th of June 2014.

Target of $6000 raised by 25th June
 2014: $6000

Author'sShot-Orange2-resizedDear Friends,

In  late 1994, when I was nearly 24 years old, I developed troubling physical symptoms. Walking and balance difficulties started, and since then I have been on an optimistic quest to overcome what is said to be Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

My wish and vision have always been aimed at full-recovery, despite losing my ability to walk independently by 1997 and using a wheelchair by 2001. I have never experienced any symptom-free periods due to the unrelenting presence of my version of MS, which was said to be Primary Progressive. However, in May 2014, a neurologist told me it was Secondary Progressive. Regardless of labels, my sights have focused on living as healthily as possible, and because of this, I have grown to be even healthier in many ways.

My physical health challenge has led me to become what I am meant to be… During 1995 and 1996, I explored the deeper reason why my problem arose via a variety of spiritual healings.  The benefits from these healings were great emotionally and spiritually but I never improved physically.  My walking improved when I did a series of 10-day retreats in 1998 and 2000 experiencing the Buddha’s original teachings.  However, improvements were only fleeting each time.  Over the years, I have maintained meditation practices and received ongoing physical health therapies such as massage; chiropractic etc; and taken many herbs, vitamins and concoctions, which held me in good stead mentally and physically to support my life.

In 1999, I commenced writing my autobiography ‘Agony ~ A Path to Bliss’ to share my journey.  I began writing my ‘Come Fly with Me’ children’s stories in 2002.  And, from there to 2006, I shared them with local primary schools, which was the beginning of my motivational talks to teenagers and young adults.  In 2009, I began presenting my inspirational poems at community events, supported by a guitarist and drummer.  I have also co-authored a couple of best-selling books and am volunteering in the humanitarian field.  Photos and video footage of the events can be found in events section on my site, as well as excerpts of my autobiography and children’s stories in other sections.

Over the past two decades, I have explored as many avenues of alternative healing therapies as possible. Many of these have provided assistance to keep me healthy by maintaining my health, but not maintaining my physical strength enough to increase it. Maintenance and an increase in strength can only come about through movement. My yearning for movement was finally met when I experienced a five-week trial on a MOTOmed last year! Daily I worked out…morning and afternoon. My body hadn’t moved so much in nearly two decades, as it did when I was on this motorized exercise bike. My Mum cried when she saw me on it. I cried when I had to give it back.

MOTOmed Viva 1 The most sold motor driven, software-controlled movement therapy machine for people with paralysis, spasticity and physical weakness. Ideal for daily passive, assistive and active movement training in the rehabilitation center, skilled nursing facility, or at home.

  • Gently moves legs or arms (arm/upper body trainer as accessory available): passively, assertively or actively
  • Integrated therapy support with ServoCycling, SmoothDriveSystem, SymmetryTraining…
  • For your safety: SpasmControl with automatic direction change, MovementProtector, safety foot shells…
  • Moveable and slip-proof (all metal construction)

MotoMed Viva I


Please help me by donating whatever you can, and ask any friends you think may also like to assist and forward on this page.

GIFTS OF $20 or over – will receive a free digital download of my two musical poetry CDs, ‘Inner Bright Blessings’ and ‘Global Bright Blessings’ recorded with a guitarist and drummer.

GIFTS OF $50 or over – will also receive a free download of Loving All poetry book and a free download of my soon to be released second poetry book, ‘Bright Blessings’. Both books compliment my two CDs.

GIFTS OF $100 or over – will receive all of the above, plus I’ll write a gratitude poem specifically for you. I will need a sentence or two describing yourself, your loved one, cherished animal companion, or whatever you wish me to write about.


Please directly deposit into Westpac account:
Susan M Palmer
BSB: 732 526
ACC: 560 276

Or send a cheque:
Suzie Palmer
13 Miami Avenue

Please email with your name and amount donated so I know where to send the gifts. If your gift is more than $100 please include information for your gratitude poem.

Thanking you dearly and ever from my heart.
Suzie _/|\_


(Written the day Motomed was taken away after the 5-week trial)

Oh Motomed I love you so much
You give my body such a rush
Increasing power through my body
Flexibility and lightness: my core strengthening in a hurry

The healing of movement is so very grand
Walking on wheels as if I’m walking on land
I know with you I will always stand
My confidence is building as my muscles expand

I cannot live without you my Dear Motomed
Your presence is intoxicating, wonderful oxygen to my head
You’re invigorating, you’re euphoric, a challenging and rewarding ride
Moving upon you keeps me alive

•*¨*•♫♪ ♥ ♪♫•*¨*•

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