International Women’s Day

Celebrate every woman in the world
It’s International Women’s Day
And not just on this but every day
Each woman has a story to tell

Bearing power and inner beauty so bright
An innate intelligence; intuitive guiding light
Attuned to listen to and follow their hearts
Gifts that often set us apart

No need to be JK Rowling or Oprah too
Mia Farrow, Angelina Jolie, to name just a few
Being a woman making a difference: that’s me and you
May we always give to life our Beautiful Truth

An Elevated Dream

An Elevated Dream

It’s good to be alive
Imbued with a passion to survive
As we go along
To the beat of our merry old song

It’s good to watch the sky
See the birds fly by
Dashes of colour on the wind and the breeze
Perfect landings amongst the trees

Even better to touch the moment
Create our life as if it’s a sonnet
An endless poem expressing the heart
Riddling rhymes are just the start

Divine to be oh so true
In everything we do
Impossible though it seems
Living in an elevated dream

The Forest

In The Forest

Let’s take a walk through the trees
Listen to the messages on the breeze
Leaves crackle and crunch on the ground
Footfalls create a fascinating sound

Let’s while away the interesting night
Beside a camp fire built out of sight
Flames flicker and warm the unseen
Life can be greater than a dream

We will wake with freshness on our face
Explore the mystery of this space
The forest is an endless zone
Where we can wander with others or wander alone

Here, the day is never done
So much potential under the beaming of the sun
But we can only do one thing at a time
Uncover our mystery in life’s rhyme

Eventually, our purpose is revealed
Some find it when moving, some find it still
Our life is a forest and it can be a maze
Finding meaning in the beauty of our ways



Written after the U S election result… Compelled to write, not necessarily because of the result, but because of the lack of choice that fuelled it..

We don’t know why
We cannot see
Why this, why this was meant to be

We can only attribute it to the Great Unknown
To shake things up and create a new zone

In the understanding that all things pass
No matter what it is, nothing can last
In every lesson, there is some good
Our mission is to find it to make it understood

It may take time for Truth to prevail
Never lose hope, allow Love to avail

One thing is sure only Light is true
Light is in everyone, even in those who appear askew



From here I have a clear, good view
An open window to see verily through
Gaining vision using the clarity of my mind
I perceive the depth of humankind

Moving in and moving out
Infinite variation is what life’s about
Change is endless, change is good
Only by change is life understood

Embracing harmony is all that matters
Positive momentum with the energy it gathers
What can we do to bridge the sum?
Of all of us living under the sun

Take the time to sit and rest
With a quietened mind there’s no need to guess
You’re in me and me and I’m in you
We breathe as one and that’s the clue

Brilliantly Alive

Brilliantly Alive

Floating on an ocean
Feeling the buoyancy of life
Our hearts beat its rhythms
In tune with nature’s dynamic ride

Our breaths are a fountain
Of life-giving joy to the world
We could float like this forever
Listening to every great story told

The body is a vessel
Voyaging through these times
Our ships surge through the waters
Rising and flowing with every tide

Powerful Breeze

Powerful Breeze

The powerful breeze blowing through the trees on a blue-skied, warm summer’s day
Reminds me in its whisper of what my heart often yearns to say
Prompts me in the calls of birds going about their way
Inspires me to convey something of love that is ours to stay

Open our hearts like flowers
Share our beauty with the world
This really is the hour
The voice of love needs to be heard

We are the powerful breeze issuing vibrations through the world
Every single one of us, woman, man, all children: boys and girls
What we feel really matters when our feelings embrace humankind
What we think really resonates when our thoughts pull us together to bind

Falling for you1Flux1Image1


Hello tree outside my window
Branches brushing against the pane
I never tire of observing your presence over and over again

I am so grateful for your continual giving
Your contribution to all life
What you and your kin give to all things living
Without you we’re in strife

We have so much to gain from your existence
Rooted in the ground
You provide the essence of our existence
Your beauty truly astounds

You are the oxygen of our life
Giver of medicine and fruit
Home of birds and countless insects
Your benefits no one could refute

You have a hand in bringing rain
In cooling down the land
You protect the soil from erosion
Enable the earth to be a strong place to stand

We are a part of a fragile eco-system
We need each other to survive
Dear ‘standing people’ need our attention
To ensure we all flourish and thrive


Image1Many Things

Many Things

I am a drop of colour
Beaming amid the sky
I stand so tall upon the ground
Pleasing to the eye

I bob and sway with the breeze
A humble lullaby
You’d think I could be many things
I simply imagine I can fly

I observe the world around me
See many things passing by
During the cycle of my life
Seen many things to cause me to cry

Seen many more to make me smile
And, this is how I get by
I am a rose in succession to many others
Roses of every style

More than enough

More than enough

When we peel away the layers of our many clothes
Remove all the barriers so our hearts can be exposed

When we stop adding flavours so no one can tell
The depth of the beauty of our shining, hidden pearl

When we come to an understanding that we’re more than enough
We no longer, no longer, need more or any ‘stuff’
To while away the hours, the precious hours of our lives
Because we all certainly know that time surely flies

Spirit Of Sydney

Acknowledgement to Country

The Spirit of Sydney is eons old
Timelessly ancient, its history bold
Upheld by the traditional custodians of the land
The Gadigal people of Eora Nation truly made a stand

Eora was their nation and Eora means ‘here’.
When the British asked ‘where are you from?’ they stated, ‘here, here’.
For this place was their place and always will be
The essence of the local Aboriginal people builds the Spirit of Sydney

So let’s take a look at this glorious land
View her magnificent beauty from wherever we stand
See the Sydney Harbour with its iconic Bridge and House by The Rocks
A National Park with islands, foreshores and great swimming spots

Sydney’s urban landscape, a jumble of styles and mediums
Portrays 200 years of architectural movement, a visual timeline therein
The city’s history, cultural influences and progress is revealed
Defying its lack of cohesion, increasing interest in Sydney is understood

The Spirit of Sydney encompasses vast community
A multi-cultural nation with rich diversity
Offers a dynamic, global meeting place to the people of the world
Lit by stunning harbour vistas – a sight to behold!


Sending Love

Sending Love

Sending love to all humankind
It’s truly not difficult to be kind
When we know and understand our connection with each other
Impossible to hurt a sister or a brother

Any teaching that professes greater or less
Is madness as it generates separateness
Why would higher wisdom wish to cause any harm
When the heart clearly knows truth is a soothing balm

A soothing balm healing the soul
Surely this the motivation of any faith’s goal
Faith breeding unrest is backward in the flow
May such darkness dissipate and go!

Sending love to all humankind
It’s truly not difficult to be kind
When we know and understand our connection with each other
Impossible to hurt a sister or a brother

Call of the Solitary Bird

Call of the Solitary Bird

Do we notice the call of the solitary bird?
Melodic and ongoing; is his message heard?
Or do birds ignore it as humans can do
Some growing annoyed, tiring of it to

Any idea of what he might have to say?
Perhaps conveying a message of things not going his way
His repertoire is limited, his pitch incomplete
In so far as receiving an answer, I hesitate to think

Now where has he gone in the nearing of night?
He has taken his call now quiet on his flight
Will his questions be answered in the tree where he lands?
Call of the solitary bird we’ll never understand

Make It Bright

Make It Bright

Bless this moment for all it is
Bless this moment, it’s a gift, a gift
Unrepeatable is this moment, this moment now
In this instant: a fleeting flower

See the beauty offered through
Take in its scent and the essence too
Touch the moment, be in the change
Listen to the offering to broaden your range

Taste the fruits of this life
Plant many flowers to make it bright
Sowing in the moment and harvesting too
We are golden rich moments with wonderful work to do

Trees Dress

Trees Dress Ku1

Private Moon

Private Moon

A private moon
O luminous ball
A shared experience
For one and all

Mystical treasure
Invokes insight
Power beyond measure
Lights up dark nights

Our private moon
Incandescent for all
Equally available
Shines on every door

Everyone is privy to the moon’s guiding light
Embracing and caressing us
Private moon so bright

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