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Your Tale

Your Tale

It’s never too late to reignite hope

A ceaselessly, unending determination to cope

Inspiring vision beyond the horizon’s line

Moving towards it, the sun eventually shines

Never too late to abandon ship

Reckless and off course, in the end it will sink

By a giant leap of faith, your life you’re sure to save

Paving the way to a brighter, better day

Never too late to believe in you

It’s really the only worthwhile thing to do

The love inside yourself, is the glowing and precious pearl

Uncovering your own mystery is your tale to tell

*  * *

Come fly with me cover-001

Come Fly with Me

Come fly with me to a land that’s free

Exploring vast field’s of the fertile mind

Fly with me, consciously

Our imaginations are ready all of the time

Come fly with me: it’s liberty

To broaden the expanse of our minds

Fly with me, creatively

We are nothing short of divine

(Poem written for my Come Fly with Me chapter book. Artwork by Rick Bindon)

* * *

World Poetry Day I

World Poetry Day ~ March 21

A deep expression of the human mind

The instrument of poetry unites all of our kind

Blossoming of friendship, a tool for dialogues

The universal art of poetry, celebrates all of our songs

* * *

International Day of Happinessjpg

International Day of Happiness ~ 20-3-14

‘If you want to be happy Be’ ~ Tolstoy

Happiness is a state of mind

When we observe ourselves closely we find

The key is within us all the time

Unlocking our joy uplifts us, sublime

Our happiness affects the world

Every sister, boy, brother, and girl

The pursuit of happiness a primary human goal

Considering the well-being of All enables this goal to excel

Happiness is our intimate gift

Share it with others to live

In a world promoting fairness and sustainability

Happiness abounds within the world’s great family

* * *



It’s all a matter of trust

Between you and me and us

The only thing worthwhile

Is abiding in the world in this style

It’s in the beauty of trust

That we relax and rely on us

In the essence of conviction

We experience any kind of liberation

All in the splendor of care

That we progress anywhere

Daring to live with true care

We’re rare diamonds so very fair

* * *

World Warrior's Day

World Warrior’s Day ~ 8-3-14

Celebrating Women everywhere

On International Women’s Day

Honouring your love, your invincible strength

Ultimate Warriors imbued with tireless care!

Where would we be without your dynamic brilliance?

Making this world go round

Oh Feminine Power, Primal Goddess

Heroes where the meaning of life can be found

* * *



Free human rights

Let the bird out of the cage

May wings of peace embrace the entire world’s stage

The rights of one are the rights of all

All people are united

Together we fly or we fall

* * *



A little poem of beauty

A huge message of love

Forever seeking the language that sets our sights above

The rigmarole of life’s duties and sometimes living rough

Developing a thick skin, even appearing slightly tough

As we become acquainted with the softness abiding inside

Never from the world, our true selves can we hide

Oh shine our true real beauty, on such glory we can ride

Over all of life’s boulders with surefootedness we do glide

* * *

Human Halo

Human Halo

‘Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.’ ~ Dalai Lama

Kindness is beauty

Kindliness is king

Instigates the beautiful bridge of all forgiving

Kindness is eternal, shining the light

The goodness inside beacons dark nights

Express kindheartedness whenever you can

That magical power of a helping hand

Uplifts the spirit, saves many souls

Kindness illuminates the human halo

* * *

Happy 2014++

* * *

Last Night's Rain. Ku-The OneJPG

* * *

Time Out

Time Out

I am reducing my time staring into a computer screen

Looking out my window there is a rose blossoming to be seen

A pigeon pecking on grasses often overlooked

And, cockatoos squabbling over seeds getting off on the wrong foot

Leaves blowing in the breeze, so green and so lush

Flowing with the moment, no way in a rush

The sky clear and blue, I dive in with my mind

Into a world of imagination so great and sublime

I am reducing my time staring into a computer screen

Remembering my true nature, enabling my heart to beam

For too long I’ve forgotten the beauty of touch

So abundant in nature, like a true love crush

»-(¯’v’¯)-» »-(¯’v’¯)-»

On Life

On Life

Our lives are like white clouds floating by

Subtle changes occur in the blink of an eye

One moment an elephant, the next a bunnykin

Observing changing nature compels us to grin

And, then the clouds darken tumultuous and rough

When we’re put to the test and life becomes tough

Here’s an opportunity to grow and to learn

Understanding life’s fluctuating nature lessens the burn

(⁀‵⁀) ✫ ✫ ✫.



☻/ღ˚ •。* ˚ ˚✰˚ ˛★* 。 ღ˛° 。* °♥ ˚ • ★ *˚ .ღ 。

/▌*˛˚ღ •

Self Reveal

Self Reveal

How to embody the goodness living inside?

Uncover the beauty glimmering ready to shine?

There are so many reasons to reveal our light to the world

Many very good reasons within every boy and girl

Our challenge is to believe in the love that’s ours to give

Falling in love with our true Self is where it all begins…



Mandela ~ 5-12-13

‘Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished’

Mandela – 1994, Long Walk to Freedom

The world lost Nelson Mandela’s beacon of light today

We now shine without him guided by his ways

A teacher of magnificence, a noble king

Embodying equality and unity, embracing all kin

His life was our lesson, he taught us so well

Hail Nelson Mandela: we will blossom from your spell

While living on earth, you showed us love’s worth

Our mentor of freedom, goodness, and mirth

_/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_

 Drawn from Nature

Drawn from Nature

Drawn from nature inspiring art

Countless ways for us to impart

The message of our beating hearts

Every moment reveals somewhere to start

Carve from an ample experience of life

Fashion many moulds depicting life’s spice

Carve the form lovingly, shape it long…

Communicate the beauty that has made you so strong

Invariably, the finished creation will inspire hearts to sing

Leading you to a new place to begin



Love Swell

Love is something so brand new

Yet it’s old, imperfect, blemished too

Love is the comfy shoulder to rest on to renew

That warm, loving hand to hold so true

Love is our fur-family animals we so adore

It is the sunrise heralding a day ready to explore

Love is the air

Love is your friend

It’s healing hearts yearning to mend

Love is beauty

Love is pain

A gathering of lessons in order to gain

Love our teacher, teaches us well

May our hearts ever grow in love and swell …


(: ․☆´`’*¸.☆¨´`’*°☆.․:)

`☆.. ♥♥ LOVE ♥♥~ ¸☆

․ ․`’☆.¨´¸☆¨¸.¸.☆¨

…․ ․ ․ ․ `’*☆.¸


We Are One

Sending you all my love

Despite feeling a little rough

Challenged to rise above

The grime, the grit, the sludge

Enduring the onslaught of living

Life’s sufferings all around in no way forgiving

Each of us goes through anguish we are experiencing

What it means to be alive, what it means to be bringing in…

Peace, love, and light into the world

Although feeling pain give love wings like a bird

Fly through dark clouds to clear skies feel the sun

Shower love on humanity, we are one


* * *



All of us are beautiful, all of us divine

The inherent magnificence of humankind

We simply don’t remember, of course we forget

The precious baby that we once were

Full of wonder and no regret

Our mission is find ourselves hidden within

The innocent child, one with all kin

No comparisons, no judgement, no harsh words, no fight

Pure, gentle beauty, truth oh so right

I love you fellow human

We have been through so much

May life not be a struggle

Try not to rush…

* * *

Love’s Medicine Crop 

 Love's Medicine Crop

Sending a hug to all dear friends

Holding you close, there is no end

To the perfect, true love abiding inside

Love living abundantly, no reason to hide

From its healing power, a plentiful fuel

So overflowing, into all hearts instil

Your own blend of brilliance

Love’s medicine crop

We each form our own remedy

Love never stops

Lavish each other with all our love

Raise everyone up, lift love above

……….. •*¨`*•

(¯`’•.¸ //(*_*)\\ ¸.•’´¯)

*`• .…*  *  *… •´*…

………♥♥♥Hugs ♥♥♥

* * *

Magnificent Sun

See the sun play on the land

Enticing us to feel magnificent and grand

Taking in light, we’re uplifted and bright

Infused with a force to dazzle our nights

See the sun play on the land

Stretching arms wide, sun rays in our hands

Beacon in our heart, never depart

A haven of happiness, ours from the start



Sitting in contemplation

In deep, deep thought

In contemplation

Musing over all I’ve been taught

Unlearning all that’s not necessary

Confirming the treasures of worth

Letting go of the threads that can hamper me

Sowing love on lessons sprinkled with mirth

Our minds are a mind-field of goodness

The soil of happiness: our thoughts

Nourish and nurture the terrain with love-shine

Exceeding far beyond thoughts, we’re potential galore!


_______(¯`(●)´¯)_ (¯`v´¯)


Moment of Night

In the face of too many tasks

My eyes simply close

My mind’s spontaneous effort

To gain some repose

Sublime composure

A moment of night

To refresh my thoughts

Help me feel bright …

In the face of too many tasks

When it’s impossible to dose

I witness the body’s workings

My breathing unfolds

Then when I’m revived

I can somehow resolve

The course of required action

To arrive at my goal

* * *

See in the Night

I surrender to love

I surrender to life

Lay down my arms to worldly strife

Instead of worry, may I harness the courage?

To take action to remove any luggage

Of fearing and being in a helpless state

when nothing becomes good if my own self I berate

Determined to love

Only action depends

May I follow my heart and see where the path lends

Outcome to the journey:

Joy and light

Open my eyes to see in the night

* * *

Hearty Helpings

Capture an idea from the air

With slow-cooked bubbling

It will manifest and flare

Sparkling the imagination

Nurturing the mind

And, before even knowing it, a rhyme is born in time

Serve an idea from the air

Hearty helpings to others shows we really care

Uplifts the soul

Filling bellies with love and light

Nourishes true beauty

Keeps us warm at night

* * *

Every Spot

Do you see me sitting here perched in the trees?

Do you see me without a care, obscured by branches and leaves?

I am a pigeon with multi-coloured feathers; I fly with grace and ease

I’m a pigeon that weathers all weather, I move wherever I please

Do you see me resting here wings outstretched on the bush?

Magnificent wings dotted with life, I’m worth a second look

I am a moth with a golden coat, I flutter when I fly

I’m a moth that loves the light, and I’m pleasing to the eye

Do we see nature in its many forms that makes us gasp and sigh?

Do we see Her beauty everyday, mysterious magic on display?

The beauty within us is oh so good; we’re a brilliant, shining lot

Reflected all around, when we open our eyes: beauty in every spot

* * *

Our Teachers

Trees breathe and show the way

Branches point, move and sway

Riding the weather, bearing the storm

Look to them when we feel forlorn

Representing strength

Upright ease

How do they endure as if life’s a breeze?

Roots deeply embedded in the ground

Yet, on their trunks scars can be found

Trees weather the sleet and sun

Climatic fluctuations would not be fun

Exposed to the elements, oh trees are good

We have so much to learn from them, if only we would

* * *

Ways of Life

Lessons can be found in the air

Clouds are teachers floating up there

Displaying the penetrating truth of life

Everything changes, impermanence is rife

Here one moment, gone the next

That cloud-shaped dragon could never cause any vex

Disappears into sheer blue sky

Leaving our thoughts to wonder why

Life is so transient

Amazing too

Affects us all, not just a few

We’re all in this together

In the ways of life

May we love each other and cause no strife

* * *


* * *

The Prize-004

 * *

* * *

One love in the world is what we are
Beaming magnificence, brilliance, we’re all superstars

Inspiring others, enriching lives
The love inside us bursts beyond disguise

When we’re there for each other
We open up
Overflowing, yes, we fill everyone’s cup
Love is limitless, it knows no bounds
An unconditional capacity to traverse every land

One love in this world is what we are
Activate your radiance and spread love’s magic far

* * *

The Source

‘One’s source is within oneself.  Give yourself up to it. That means that you should seek the source and merge with it’ ~ Ramana Maharshi 

  Our source is within us
We are never without
The essence inside us
Its power could knock us out

One glimpse within
Inspires our hearts to sing
Merging with true beauty
Elevates all kin

Give ourselves up to the soft knocking at our door
Perceive the inner calling beseeching one to explore
The human, the heart, life’s meaning, and light
Hear the gentle whispering of your heart through the night

By seeking our source we fuse and beam bright
Uplifting our existence embracing life’s flight

* * *

Field of Life

Welcome to the playground of my mind
To gather here our hearts will bind
A visit oh so potentially divine
Sublime, we chime, in time, we rhyme
In the arena of the precious mind

There are no limits
There are no blights
Creating our realities as we wish
Ultimately, life manifests as we see fitThe mind is fertile
Profusely ripe
Luscious soil to sow good light
Tending to mind’s flowers, watch them grow
In the field of life, let’s shine and glow

* * *

Oneness In Love

Oneness in Love
Elevates the skies above
Unifying all hearts and minds
The air we breathe flows through you and me
Embraces our beings supremely sublime

 Ultimately inseparable
Our spirits are indelible
The essential truth of souls is divine
If we really knew the power

Profound delicate human flowers
We’d create reality for all of us to shine

* * *

Blessing All Hearts

 A Buddha sits with mind affixed
On the breath, in and out
As one

Observes vibrations
Rising, falling sensations
Without attaching to any one

Understands the nature
Of the pain and pleasant caper
Impermanence the underlying tune

For every living being
Compassion is needed brimming
In our hearts right now, not soon

* * *


All embracing oneness in our hearts lets never forget
The bridging of each other in every part its heaven sent
So very hard to believe we’re all divine most never met
Pays us to remember we’re on voyage that’s kismet

Human character is the hardest to change, we know, isn’t it
Our true natures hidden inside, to reveal it is a feat
Most of us are too shy to shine our blinding light
Most of us rather decry our love, and live life tough

Let’s shed our skins and walk within the oneness of our flight
Humans trying to survive, sharing life with all our rights
When we see our brothers and sisters experiencing hardships full of blight
Take the opportunity to do the best, caring for humans with all our might

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