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Eyes to See

Eyes to See

When I was young, wild and free

I didn’t have the eyes to see

Didn’t have the eyes truly to see

Beautiful diamonds glimmering back at me

Not only jewels but people too

Shimmering their brilliance, showering their good

Each moment was special

If only I understood…

The preciousness of nature

Its fragility too, so fleeting and passing, to all not a few

Now I have grown I am learning to perceive

The magnificence in moments and in all that I see

* * *

Good Day Goodbye

A Good Day Goodbye

Before the sunset colours the sky

The sun shines its brilliance, a good day goodbye

Beaming over grasses, casting shadows upon trees

An exquisite, fleeting beauty if only we see

Before the sunset colours the sky

Take a moment to breathe the beauty

A good day goodbye

* * *



How many leaves on trees on our earth?

Impossible to estimate, impossible to tell..

Although the count is beyond the mind…

Never enough trees to sustain humankind

* * *

Invisible Thief

Invisible Thief+

* * *


Behind Closed Eyes

Resting quietly behind closed eyes

Mindfully sitting without disguise

Observing the senses

Observing myself

A detached state of being

Where the truth of life dwells

A pounding sensation pumps through my veins

An inner drummer constantly plays

The heart’s four chambers conduct life

The lungs, our organs, breathe life bright

Resting quietly behind closed eyes

A limitless landscape to realise

We are eternal, there is no end

Connected to everyone

Only to love we’re meant

* * *


Healthy Living

It’s a special kind of feeling

Lightness in the breeze

Lightness in your limbs

Moving one’s fingers with ease

A special kind of feeling

Heading towards real gold

Spiritual wealth and thriving health

Treasures and riches untold

An invaluable, precious feeling

Life as it’s meant to be

Breathing with the full confidence of being

A healthy body enables a life worth living

An exceptional state of living

The condition of living is giving

With every breath of life we’re giving

Empowering life on earth with healthy living

* * *

Shining Inside Out

Shining Inside Out

May the sun really begin to shine

In the hearts of all humankind

May we truly begin to be kind

In the understanding to others we actually bind

May ours eyes begin really to see

It’s in our responsibility

All that’s happening in the world is a part of us

We’re not separate, life goes on within us

May insight enlighten our thoughts

The world is where we walk our walk, talk our talk

There is no other place to spread our love

Starting within our own hearts lifts everyone above

The daily grind, heartaches and misgivings

Misdeeds in the world that should not be occurring

May we hear the magnanimous voice in our being

Send loving thoughts to all people living

* * *



Our lives are like the shadows briefly on the ground

Not one of us can guarantee how long we’ll be around

Life is like a river that seems to flow ever on

Flowing ever on, some strange and wonderful song

Our bodies are only temporary, housing our residing selves

A transitory location to express, to love, and to delve

Our spirits are said to be eternal, reigning ever on

May we nourish our souls, our spirituality, in order truly to get along

Our lives are like a brilliant sunrise, sunset or waking dawn

Let’s live with the deeper knowing that we’re too precious to be forlorn

* * *

Every Child's Right

Every Child’s Right

Every child has the right to live this life without fright

To sleep peacefully through the night

Without fear for their precious lives

Every child’s kingdom is their life

Adults are guardians guarding their rights

To a full and trouble-free existence

Spared from the madness of war where life is insignificant

Every child needs the fullness of peace

To develop and grow with ease

Children are the future

It’s their rights we need to please

May they forgive those who are bringing them to their knees

* * *

 Flower Power

Flower Power

Withstanding heat

Withstanding rain

Enduring weather

The flower sustains

Standing upright

The flower has might

Hour upon hour

Flowers never take flight

Inspiring us to love and to live out our days

The flower’s exquisite beauty is sure to amaze

And, when comes time for the flower’s demise

Petals cover the ground, pleasing the eyes

* * *

Seize It

Seize It

Look to the distance

Whenever feeling unease

Look to the distance

To the trees blowing in the breeze

Looking at the horizon

Can bring about a smile

Looking at the horizon

We’re not really separated by miles

The distance and the presence

In essence, is so close

The distance and the presence

Living in the now benefits us most

All we have is this moment

Despite its changeability

All we have is this moment

When we seize it we are free

* * *



Footfalls on the ground

All of my life, I’ve loved the sound

Feet clip-clopping along the road

Crunching gravel, my interest flowed

Taking me back seemingly centuries

Past-life intrigues, who would believe

Captivated my inquisitive imagination

I never knew where my mind would go sailing

Footfalls on the ground

All my life, have seemed so profound

The sound, the sound will never wear me down

Footfalls falling on the ground

* * *

Becoming Good

Becoming Good

On the path to becoming good

We are often, often misunderstood

Especially by our restless selves

When our hearts, our minds constantly rebel

Walking on a lighter path

Consciously avoiding the tumultuous dark

That pulls and drags us recklessly in

False lights eventually dim

On the path to becoming good

The journey of humankind, if only we would

Uncovering our precious, true selves

Is the destination for all of us, in our own time delve

* * *

On the clothes line

On the Clothes Line

An assortment of birds on the clothes line

Hanging out, feathers fine

Colourful attire

Gray tones too

Brilliant whites as if washed right through

An assortment of birds on the clothes line

Comical behaviour, we watch them all the time

Fooling around, all the while a birds’ eye view

We never tire watching wild birds and all they do

An assortment of birds on the clothes line

One moment they are there

The next they’ve left us behind

* * *

The Sight of a Rose

The Sight of a Rose

At the sight of seeing a rose our faces soften

We feel some repose

We take deep breaths, breathe her in

The beauty of a rose causes our hearts to sing

But, what does a rose see looking on us

People standing, voices hushed

Or does she see us rushing by

To ‘stop and smell the roses’ a mere lullaby

The world goes on while the rose she stands

Knowing her place on the world’s great land

Offering her beauty, delivering respite

Shines her glory with all her might

Expecting nothing, the rose grows on

She watches our lives, judging no right or wrong

Appreciates the tending of a gardener’s good care

Her beauty free to those who dare

To count the layers of her love

Scented-petals permeate an exquisite touch

Observing the rose, observing us

The sight of a rose is worth so much

* * *

Human Rights

Human Rights

Everyone has a right to living

To a standard adequate for one’s health

To a standard supporting one’s wellbeing

Including one’s family within all the world’s girth

Everyone requires food and clothing

Housing and medical care

As well as social services

And, security in an event of despair

Via unemployment, sickness, disability,

Widowhood and the possibilities go on

When adversity strikes one’s life

It’s far from a merry song

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion

Of expression colourful and bright

All humans are born free and equal

In dignity sustained by all human rights

* * *

Musical Tree

* * *

Expired sunlight

* * *

Palm trees in hula skirts

* * *

A Maze

A Maze

As a continuous flow

Samsara goes

Repeating the cycle of life

Past, present and future

Each lifetime suits us

Determined by actions we sow

Birth, life and death

Our souls seem to digress

Into perpetual wandering

Journeying through lifetimes

A quest of humankind

To come out of all suffering

Embracing unity

Our oneness with all things

Is a potential, real way

To shatter the illusion

Separation does bring

When we’re united, we’re freed from Samsara’s maze

* * *


Earth Day ~ 22-4-14

Make every day earth day

It really is the only way

To abide on this planet

To let life live

To our glorious earth

It’s our duty to give

* * *



All embracing oneness in our hearts let’s never forget

The bridging of each other in every part: it’s heaven sent

So very hard to believe we’re all divine most never met

Pays us to remember we’re on voyage that’s kismet

Human character is the hardest to change, we know, isn’t it

Our true natures hidden inside, to reveal it is a feat

Most of us are too shy to shine our exquisite, blinding light

Most of us rather decry our love, and live life tough

Let’s shed our skins and walk within the oneness of our flight

Humans trying to survive, sharing life with all our rights

When we see our brothers and sisters experiencing hardships full of blight

Take the opportunity to do the best, caring for humans with all our might


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