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Wish the Wishes

Wish the Wishes

I love the heat upon my feet warmed through from the sun

The sun I greet every morning, a new day already won

The fact we’re here, it’s really clear, life proves our wish to be alive

Living fulfills this very wish because without wishes we wouldn’t survive

Our minds, our thoughts, our feelings do, manufacture the life we live

Whatever the emotions we hold onto, manifest around us it seems forthwith

Wish the wishes we wish to wish in the sunniest part of the day

Wish them in the happiest moments, so those are the ones that come your way

Our minds are surely wishing masters

Our feelings propel them through

Our minds are surely wishing masters

To our feelings our minds invariably follow true

* * *

Raindrops on Roses

Raindrops on Roses

Raindrops on the petals of a rose

How is it, do you suppose?

That nature becomes even more beautiful

From the blessed act of gentle rainfall

Increasing beauty whether young or old

Capacity to appreciate is yours untold

In our eyes is the ability to see

Magnificence all around, take time to observe a tree

Raindrops on the petals of a rose

A fleeting exquisiteness, nature’s spontaneous prose

And, focuses our attention on minute things

The wonder that raindrops on roses can bring

* * *

Boy on top of mountain enjoying the view


Lush, lush, lush and ever green

So many thoughts; before portrayed they are unseen

But, do we know our next thought before it appears?

Cascading from an unknown source, a total mystery

Best to observe the thoughts constantly flooding through

Contemplate their creation and what they’re guiding us to do

Do they come from inspiration or old-worn memory?

Do they lead to salvation and the life we wish to see?

Lush, lush, lush and ever green

May we act on ideas and insight

Filling our days with liberty

* * *



What are you doing to share the real you?

Your inner you bursting to come flowing through

The layers of the skin, too much emphasis we’re giving

True beauty is revealed by what we’re doing

Compliments are determined by how we make people feel

Sensitivity and optimism are really big deal

Actions portray what our hearts have to say

Uplifting others is profound in spectacular ways

The only dazzlingly beauty that never does fade

Is making a difference by what we do and we say

Doing something a full breath affords us to do

Living authentically as only oneself knows how to

What are we doing to love a lot?

Starting with ourselves and everyone on top

Tender as roses, we all are human

Soften any thorns

Celebrate the perfume

* * *

Eyes to See

 * * *

Eyes to See

When I was young, wild and free

I didn’t have the eyes to see

Didn’t have the eyes truly to see

Beautiful diamonds glimmering back at me

Not only jewels but people too

Shimmering their brilliance, showering their good

Each moment was special

If only I understood…

The preciousness of nature

Its fragility too, so fleeting and passing, to all not a few

Now I have grown I am learning to perceive

The magnificence in moments and in all that I see

Good Day Goodbye

A Good Day Goodbye

Before the sunset colours the sky

The sun shines its brilliance, a good day goodbye

Beaming over grasses, casting shadows upon trees

An exquisite, fleeting beauty if only we see

Before the sunset colours the sky

Take a moment to breathe the beauty

A good day goodbye

* * *



How many leaves on trees on our earth?

Impossible to estimate, impossible to tell..

Although the count is beyond the mind…

Never enough trees to sustain humankind

* * *

Invisible Thief

Invisible Thief+

* * *


Behind Closed Eyes

Resting quietly behind closed eyes

Mindfully sitting without disguise

Observing the senses

Observing myself

A detached state of being

Where the truth of life dwells

A pounding sensation pumps through my veins

An inner drummer constantly plays

The heart’s four chambers conduct life

The lungs, our organs, breathe life bright

Resting quietly behind closed eyes

A limitless landscape to realise

We are eternal, there is no end

Connected to everyone

Only to love we’re meant

* * *


Healthy Living

It’s a special kind of feeling

Lightness in the breeze

Lightness in your limbs

Moving one’s fingers with ease

A special kind of feeling

Heading towards real gold

Spiritual wealth and thriving health

Treasures and riches untold

An invaluable, precious feeling

Life as it’s meant to be

Breathing with the full confidence of being

A healthy body enables a life worth living

An exceptional state of living

The condition of living is giving

With every breath of life we’re giving

Empowering life on earth with healthy living

* * *

Shining Inside Out

Shining Inside Out

May the sun really begin to shine

In the hearts of all humankind

May we truly begin to be kind

In the understanding to others we actually bind

May ours eyes begin really to see

It’s in our responsibility

All that’s happening in the world is a part of us

We’re not separate, life goes on within us

May insight enlighten our thoughts

The world is where we walk our walk, talk our talk

There is no other place to spread our love

Starting within our own hearts lifts everyone above

The daily grind, heartaches and misgivings

Misdeeds in the world that should not be occurring

May we hear the magnanimous voice in our being

Send loving thoughts to all people living

* * *

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