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Rosebuds1‘I am a microphone of beauty,’ announced the Rosebud to Life
‘Speak to me of your beauty, sing of the variety of life’s spice
Talk to us of your wishes, whisper through your plans
Declare your intentions; let them flow over every land!’

‘I am a microphone of beauty,’ announced the Rosebud to Life
‘I will echo through your declarations; make them vibrate bright
See me emulate your beauty, a rosebud emitting light
Uplifting all the senses, heralding a good sleep at night.’

‘I will pronounce all of your glory; touch on the hard times too
Will develop a few thorns, to remind of life’s lessons true
Growing a strong, thick stem, over and over I’ll live again
Rise renewed with the sun, bend with every wind.’

‘We are products of your creation,’ announced all the Rosebuds to Life
The result of your imagination, instruments of your wondrous mind
May we fulfill your greatest inclinations, to shine and spread the love
Rosebuds on the rose beds of life, together we’re more than enough.’

Weather ~ Haiku


* * *

Play the Wind ~ Haiku

Play the Wind1

* * *Letting Go

Letting Go

Letting go of all I know
The great exhale
Going with the flow

Offering no resistance
Enabling love in
There’s so much room
In a joyous heart that sings

We’re in the perfect position to get there from here
Trusting we’re on the right path
Our inner guidance steers

Releasing everything that keeps us from our best
Creating miraculous change
And, Divine power will do the rest

‘Abundance is a process of letting go
– that which is empty can receive’ this mysterious flow

Letting go, letting go
To allow such love in
Blessed and full of gratitude
This truly is to win

That Was Then

That Was Then, This Is Now

A series of shadows once lay before my eyes
Although patches were punctuated with sunny surprise

The patches they changed and shifted all day long
An example of Nature’s ever-changing song

But, shadows I no longer welcome to my life
No longer do I agree to live with any strife

A great stream of well-being penetrates my core
I summon a life I do truly adore

Shadows no longer lay before my eyes
Precious sunshine is never disguised

I live in authenticity; I abide in joy and health
And, this we know is the greatest wealth

Mingle in GoldMingle in Gold

I love that time of day before the sun pulls its beams away
Thrusts its rays onto the sidewalks
Casting a golden hue over the grassy haze

I love how my mind tends to wander
Into the moments of the sun’s magnificent pull
I wander into gold, I do wander
Mingle in gold until my eyes seem to glaze

A part of me wishes to capture these moments
Stop them from going away
Regardless that I don’t own them
Nature rightly has the last say

I love that time of day before the sun pulls its beams away
When I’m in a time warp of brilliance
Mingle in gold until the last of the day

So Rare

So Rare

I shot into the world from the night
Emerged from a bud to spread my light
Vibrant pink petals fan the sky so fair
Sunshine penetrates every cell, I’m not so rare

Each moment is evidence that life does care
Sustains our living, we don’t need to dare
If it was up to us life would give up
We’d forget to breathe, would be our luck

An ultimate machine conducts our days
Such a function is never in a daze
An incomprehensible occurring simply makes us happen
Nature is a mystery we’re unable to fathom

We shot into the world from somewhere so right
Emerged from a womb to spread our light
Our beings abide on earth so fair
Sunshine penetrates our every cell, we are so rare


Love Needed

Where will I wander to?
I wonder on this day
Where will I share my love?
And, listen to what someone has to say

How will I make a difference?
Add to callings of a life
How will I ease someone’s trouble?
Let them know they’ll be alright

In what way do I let them know they’re perfect just the way they are?
Help them peel off their covers to reveal their shining star
Help them see the beauty in others, see we’re all such shining stars
How will I cause this to happen for a beautiful soul living in the dark?

Guide me to incite the ascension of a consciousness gone astray
Assist me to contribute to one’s living in the sunshine of the day
Life is now and it’s so present to live and loved renewed
Life is now and it’s very precious to be awake and live in truth

Having found the person
I wandered to on this day
Will they in turn hear me?
Reflect on all that I had to say

* * *

White Paper1

* * *Twigs1

* * *



Sunshine stretches in the ebb of the day
Reaching its brightness, finding its way
To kiss and caress you one final time
Share fortifying beauty before night’s numinous rhyme

Absorb every moment, breathe beauty in
To miss such sweet partings is the only real sin
For so much is occurring on the stage of nature’s show
Aware of unrepeatable moments and we are aglow

Oxygen - Copy (2)


I am, I am, I am as the powerful trees
Blowing vigorously in the breeze

My thoughts are leaves upon these trees
Too many to count, too many to please

The wind with gusto blows my mind
Effervescent and free, knows no confines

My mind it moves, my heart so free
Lives to speak of liberty

Stand and Deliver

Stand and Deliver

‘Stand and deliver’
I say to myself
In visualising this dream
My soul revels

Action is needed to bring service to you
Activating these wishes
Only an alert mind can do

I need to be awake all of the time
To avoid the pitfalls of the subconscious mind
With programs embedded from when we were young
From the influence of others, causing the conditioning rung

To be conscious every moment is truly to love
Awareness is beauty shining a golden sun
To fall in love everyday
Joyous honeymoon that never fades away

Each Moment is a Breath

Each Moment is a Breath

We’re in this moment
As it is
There is no other moment to live this gift

All we think can’t change the past
As with our thoughts, moments never last

All we think can’t hurry the future
And, fears they breed a kind of stupor

The only moment we have to live
Is the one we’re in with so much to give

Let’s choose to live each moment fine
Each moment is the breath divine
Ours to live all moments full
Be best version of ourselves, ourselves so true

* * *

Our Song

Our Song

It’s always going on that silent, gentle song
The silent and inner song guiding our hearts along

Through every single day, the song moves in us always
Moves in us always, helping us to see through the haze

That silent, gentle song
Is really an inner gong
A resounding inner gong
Ripples on the water of a pond

Always going on that silent, gentle song
A bird gliding in the sky
Simply observing
Our hearts feel high

* * *

A MazeA Maze

As a continuous flow
Samsara goes
Repeating the cycle of life

Past, present and future
Each lifetime suits us
Determined by actions we sow

Birth, life and death
Our souls seem to digress
Into perpetual wandering

Journeying through lifetimes
A quest of humankind
To come out of all suffering

Embracing unity
Our oneness with all things
Is a potential, real way

To shatter the illusion
Separation does bring
When we’re united, we’re freed from Samsara’s maze

* * *


* * *


I can barely begin to think
There could be a more beautiful pink
Than the pink of a rose rising to bloom
Emerging from the bud not a moment too soon

Almost impossible to imagine
The glorious colours in a rainbow to fathom
The range is beyond our comprehension
We see only so much within the spectrum

We receive so little information
So much to know but we have limited infiltration
Our minds take in only so much
With so much to absorb let’s try not to rush

* * *

Petals on my keyboard

Petals on my keyboard

Petals on my keyboard
Petals in the air
Petals showered over my shoulder
In a very loving flair

The thoughtfulness of others
Can take you by surprise
Never doubt the care of life’s lovers
So much more than meets the eye

* * *Every Reason+

* * *

Radiating Sun

Radiating Sun

Sinking behind mountains
The afternoon sun radiates goodbye
‘See you soon and good evening, a good day goodbye’
Flickering its rays over miles, the last of the day
The sun promises tomorrow in an alluringly bright way

Taking the shine, leaving darkness behind
The sun moves on in the knowing it moves in good time
Edging away to make another great day
All things come to everyone in life’s flowing play

Rising in the morning
The sun radiates again
Stretching beyond miles, its rays heavenly bent
‘Thank you and good morning, great to see you again’
The sun rising and falling, our friend heaven sent

* * *Kissing Roses1

* * *Nanna'sGardenBetween Blinks

‘Do you like my dress?’
Pretty rose asked, impressed
‘I was a bud in tight green,
Now I’ve bloomed into the world to be seen’

‘Do you like my coat?
I’m a bed covered in flowers of hope
Cloaked with colours of life
I offer fragrance in the day and the night’

‘I am a welcoming tree
Come and sit near me
I’ll shade you, together we’re strong
We need each other to get along’

We are whatever we think
We see ourselves between every blink
What we think of ourselves is what we see
What you think really matters to me

* * *

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