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Freedom Found

Freedom Found

Presence of mind expands one’s time
Expands the time as it expands one’s mind
Enhances each minute being fully present in it
Living in the wonder of life we are given

Living life, being fully in it
Ever-changing and open our lives are a sonnet
A creative poem, a colourful verse
Listen to the ways we tend to converse

We communicate in so many varied ways
A multitude of ways convey what we wish to say
Our non-verbal language, our smiles, signalling gestures
We rarely need speech to reveal our heart’s deep expression

Sitting in silence comfortably stretches
Our mind’s capacity to reach wider accesses
Time seems to expand and our heartbeats slow down
Having presence of mind is freedom found



Gratitude is a great attitude
It’s looking for the best
The best in life despite any strife
Dismissing all the rest

The glass half full
Is to those who instil
Optimism in the mind

Without the rain
There is no rainbow
Colours of any kind

The perfection of the unrepeatable moment
Is why ‘now’ is very blessed
The sweetness is in its fleeting beauty
Being present we don’t need to second guess

Life is our quintessential mirror
Reflecting our every thought
Frown and life frowns verily with us
Smile and life’s loveliness we wrought

Gratitude is our great gatekeeper
Our guide into our mind
And, denotes the blossoming of our hearts
The infinite wonder of our kind



Connecting with the breath
Of people in distress
Is one way to open the heart
Despite physical distance
We are not really apart

United in this life
When one suffers we all feel the strife
Compassion is the way to go
The destiny of humanity living in love’s flow

The essence of humankind is humans being kind
There is no other way to live
In kindness we give and give and give

May we love this very minute
Aware of everyone also living in it
Do whatever we can
For our brothers and sisters from every land


Sunshine and Rainbows

We breathe in sunshine
And, some rain
Watering Light, easing any pain

We breathe in sunshine
And, reclaim
Any part of our soul that had lost its flame

We breathe out rainbows
The colours inside
Growth from life’s lessons; a courageous ride

We breathe out rainbows
We share ourselves
Colourful humans with stories to tell

All the Precious Moments

All the Precious Moments

I look into my hands
At this little being of love
I look into my hands
All the precious moments
Are never enough

She is still with us today
Our little Bunny Rat so very old, but not very gray
She is still with us today
How does she keep on living day by day?

Love is the magic stuff
Keeping her living with us
Our sweet little bundle of love
Our hearts are the shape of you, for our hearts you have touched

Our Message

Our Message

We punctuate the moment
We decorate the sky
We’re roses and we’re flowers
Pleasing to the eye

We inspire humans to take a second
Breathe our beauty in
Many precious seconds
To know the splendour they live in

We don’t ask for much
Only the softness of your touch
Our very favourite message:
‘Slow down, please don’t rush’

Happy 94th Birthday Cherished Nan

Happy 94th Birthday Cherished Nanna

Nanna, Nanna how do you?
Tend a garden like you do
Beauty emerges before our eyes
Designing creations that could win first prize

You begin with the foundation of our earth
Enriching the land, enhancing its worth
Tilling, fertilising and mulching the soil
No matter the hours, it never looks like toil

Next in goes the seedlings and seeds
Expertly positioned with grace and ease
Blessed they are the seeds you sow
Under your observation, they thrive and grow

Early in the morning you visit their beds
You rarely miss a morning; you’re not a sleepy head
Your garden is a poem blooming to be read
A never-ending story in which the soul is always fed

Alike a garden your soul grows on
An eternal, divine blessing; a perfect birthday song
Happy 94th Birthday Cherished Nanna
We thank the days
You’ve worked under the sun and flourished under its rays



To focus on the smile
Is a focus that’s worth our while
Communicates the human touch
With a quality that means so much

Feeling the depth of a heart
Can be felt even miles a part
Actions express the language of love
Words are cumbersome and rarely enough

To be drawn to the human spirit
Permeating pure energies that couldn’t be clearer
Transparency, a precious gift
To live simply with friendship that uplifts

Forever Now

Forever Now

Although, ‘forever is composed of nows’
The actuality of this is confusing somehow …

We yearn for the future
Sometimes long for the past
Forgetting this moment
This moment unable to last

This moment is unrepeatable
This moment where we live
To be present in the moment is achievable
When we believe it is a gift

And, then we live forever
In the happily ever now
Then we live forever
When all there is ‘now’

The Visit

The Visit

‘I am a portal to another place
Perhaps you know that by the texture of my face
Smooth and green with pathways on each side
Merge with me to see how I’m alive’

In our imaginations we can go and not be found
In our mind, we can travel to any land
No need for passports, no need for second best
Where we venture could be anybody’s guess

Tall Rose

Tall Rose

‘I’m growing up as tall as I can’
Red rose called to sky, while glancing at the land

‘The sun inches me ever further
My roots secure me down
As I reach higher
I’m embedded firmly in the ground’

‘I may appear fragile to more than a few
Although most people know what my thorns can do
I sway with the breezes, I withstand the heat’
A flower is so powerful, so much more than a treat

Next time you see a tall rose flourishing away
Stop to imagine what it might have to say
The impressions, delights, the imaginings may do
Invoke the unique part that’s only in you

Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Forgiveness is a beautiful quality
Uplifts us out of spiritual poverty
Enables the essence of a peaceful mind
On forgiving certain elements of our own kind

None of us are perfect never to err
Mistakes are opportunities to deepen our care
When we see our shadow fall on another’s face
Try not to find blame that’s often misplaced

Instead take the high road that’s alight with grace
To bring back the sunshine is the only real race
When misunderstandings cause hurting seeming to tear us a part
The time has arrived to make a fresh start

Floating Feather1A Quiet Mind

Quiet Mind

I love how the quiet envelops my mind
On observing air entering my nostrils
One breath at a time

The presence,
The beauty
Sweet surrender and release
Being in the moment is life’s ultimate treat

I love the feeling of living in time
The synchronicity of nature blows my mind
The workings, the wonder of keeping the beat
To keep the world running is truly a feat

I love how the quiet envelops my mind
To be in moments of silence
Allowing nature sublime

Observing Clouds

Observing Clouds

Observing clouds on their journey in the flow
Here one minute and the next they go
Merging with the sky, disappearing to the eye
Leaving us to wonder how life constantly moves by

Clouds are teachers, showing there no end
Nature is ever-changing, transforming as meant
Capture a raindrop, take home a leaf
There is nothing organic in the same form we keep

The shapes of clouds portray the assortment of life
An ever-varied offering fulfilling imaginative spice
Day-after-day clouds are up there on display
Take time to observe them before they float away

Brilliant Sparkles

Brilliant Sparkles

Before the sparkle left your eyes
You flew away to greater skies
You lived up to your name so true
Our brilliant Sparkles, we love you

You’ll always be our sparkly girl
Our intelligent queen, we knew so well
Your home was your kingdom; a sweet empire
And, Bunny Rat was second in line to your every desire

Oh ‘Sparkly Pants’ you rocked our world
How did you captivate us so well?
Your cheeky persona, your precious charm
I loved you running up my arm

No need to say goodbye to the spark
The sparkly one inside our hearts
Your essence abides, lives ever on
Our Brilliant Sparkles shine on and on



How do we define it, how do we know?
Pinpoint the qualities that set us aglow

Is it the sparkle, that special glint?
Causing the heart to melt, in love willingly sink

Love comes to us in guises in so many ways
When open it’s possible to be knocked over every day

Listening quietly, observing it all
Entirely enlivening, when in love we’re in awe

A constant motion of love flooding in
Never as we expect the love inspiring us to sing

Love is indefinable, the love that truly lasts
A living, breathing nuance that outlives the stars

A Reassuring Swim

A Reassuring Swim

Closing our eyes we welcome the night
Darkness pervades, cutting off sight

Heavy rain and strong winds play havoc outside
An entirely different world from the one behind closed eyes

The light grows brighter, our breaths become safe
A peaceful quietness permeates our body and face

Moments of meditation despite turbulent winds
Creates an atmosphere we can be sure of
A reassuring swim



Determined to arise refreshed and renewed
The Phoenix rose from the ashes
A new life to pursue

But, the Phoenix didn’t need to rise again
Rebirth is in every next moment
No matter how we feel spent

Hope is found even lying near dead on the ground
There is never any moment when hope can’t be found
It’s in this sacred minute
It’s our every breath
In the building of bridges, allowing communication to do the rest

Determined to arise refreshed and renewed
I allow the path to come to me
There’s nothing to do

It’s in the ease of no effort
In the ease of my best
In the grace of just being
The trust of a guest

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