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All we need to know

All we need to know

The breath flows in and out
Like waves gently moving forward and back
The ocean rises with the ebb and flow
Of the moon, its cycle… So much more than a milky glow

The wings of a bird glide in the wind
Its call causes the heart to quieten and sing
We wonder where the birds do fly
As they make their journey across the sky

And what is it that makes our heart beat?
A magical mysterious unanswerable feat
Perhaps all we need to know
With love in our hearts we will always grow

Beyond Bliss

Beyond Bliss

An interesting destination
Aiming beyond bliss
Moving past imagination
Beyond a divine kiss

The mind in infinite acceleration
Flying amongst the stars
A freeing liberation
All the universe is ours

More than our dreams are fulfilled
Dreams we didn’t even know we had
A state beyond immeasurable ecstasy
Our limitless selves are glad

BellaBunnyRatBella Bunny Rat

You left the world with grace and ease
Lying in your penthouse suite
On top of the cage, never in the cage
Your life was such a treat

You melted us with such sweet charm
Your presence was a healing balm
Soothing our hearts with your bright love
So sad we had to part

But off you fly Bella Bunny Rat
To meet up with our eight other girls
Your sister Sprinkly Sparkles will be there too
We can imagine the mischief you’ll all get into

* * *

(The term for a group of rats is called ‘a mischief’)




I am empty
I am complete
When I’m awake or pleasantly asleep

I know in my existence
I have so much to give
So much to live for
Living to give

I am full to overflowing
The essence of life
We’re abundant beings
Vital elements in life’s spice

We are empty
Not separate
In awareness of our oneness, all of life will reap

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