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Stem Cell therapy articles appeared about me throughout Australia…

Following are links to two are a couple of photos from each:


Sydney Morning Herald Article

Harvesting Hope


The following is an interview with Gnostic Corner magazine .. Click on following images to read print:




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Express Article

* * *

Peninsular News Sept 2014

* * *

Certificate of World Citizen

* * *


* * *

Peace Award

Honoured to receive above Peace award ~ (see number 11)

* * *


*  *  *

12 November to 31 December 2013 ~ Australian Ambassador for Campaign ~  Use Your Liberty: Help Us Make the Film – Burma’s Voices of Freedom Fund the film “Aung San Suu Kyi & Burma’s Voices of Freedom,” offered freely to reform a Constitution banning Suu Kyi from President Please click:  Use Your Liberty

*  *  *

Global Peace Poetess

*  *  *

GCU - AC Award-page0001

* * *HonouraryMember

*  *  *

Sacred performance at the Kariong Community Festival  ~ 17 March 2013


* * *

InterfaithHarmony Council

On March 8, 2013, i was honoured to be made an ambassador at large for the Interfaith Harmony Council IFHC ~ a branch of the International Human Rights Commission IHRC, and Assistant Chair in Australia for IFHC…. an awesome yet wonderful commitment

* * *

December 2012 to January 2013 ~ Australian Ambassador for Burma’s Voices of Freedom campaign: Please click: New Voices of Freedom

On CoastFM 96.3 radio twice discussing the Global Freedom project that will Document the Voices of Freedom from Inside Burma’s Revolution of the Spirit as She Transitions from Dictatorship to Democracy

2nd Radio Interview on CoastFM about Burma’s Voices of Freedom project: 2nd radio interview ~ Voices of Freedom

1st Recording of Burma’s Voices of Freedom radio interview… i wished to say so much in a short amount of time … and, failed to say everything as i would have liked i.e. Aung San Suu Kyi was released twice from house arrest for short periods during her near 20 years detainment. And, i didn’t say the project’s following website clearly…!!!

1st radio interview ~ Voices of Freedom

*  *  *

Appeared in the Central Coast Express Advocate (7 December 2011) to celebrate inspirational book I co-authored called, Adventures in Manifesting ~ Health and Happiness

Express Advocate Article Dec 2011

Express Advocate Article Dec 2011

*  *  *

AZsacra International Poetry Award For Taj Mahal Review Dec. 2011 issuetajpics

Received the above award for my poem called Oneness Poetry Award * * *

*  *  * Adventures In Manifesting ~ Health and Happiness Book Launch News Article

Peninsula News~ 14 November 2011

*  *  * Radio Interview: Dallas, Texas 10-05-11 Show

Adventures in Manifesting Book Series: The Authors will share their journey. I want to share the EXCITING details about my new book, Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness due to release November 1st!! Tonight on Girl Talk with Shelby…I will begin featuring authors from the Adventures In Manifesting series!! Please join me for some GIRL TALK as I welcome authors Suzie Palmer and Dr. Catherine Perry. We will be discussing our journeys and how we became a part of this exciting project!!

* * *

Awakening the Spirit Coffee Shop Talks @ Love & Serendipity ~ July 27, 2010 Accompanied by Ananda Robert Recorded & Interviewed byEastside FM Radio

Audio: Part 1_EastsideRadio Part 2 – EastsideRadio

* * * The following group of people formed Global Village Forum (GVF) in 2010, commencing our days via emails.  The purpose of GVF is to bridge the world with love, peace and tolerance… overriding all apparent differences of religion & race.

Global Village Forum

* * * On the release of my first poetry book Loving All, I appeared in the Express Advocate ~ May 2009…  Express Advocate Gosford News Story

CC Article6-09

* * *

Glory to the Most Loving ~ 26 November 2007 Article in local newspaper inspired by events in Burma ~ open and click right arrow once Peninsula NewsArticle Page 4 (top left)

Thrilled by Poetry Opportunity ~ 6 August 2007 Article in local newspaper inspired by Gosford Bush Poetry Gatherings ~ click right arrow to Page 14 Peninsula News~ click here to read article * * *

The Peninsula Voice ~ issue No 1. July 2007


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