The First Time... The Last Time @ Cafe La Story ~ East Gosford on 28/3/14

Cafe La Story

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Come Fly with Me ~ Youtube

Via this enjoyable event, I introduced my collection of children’s stories in the ‘Come Fly with Me’ series..
(The first lines of the recording were missed… Please read to feel in the gap)

‘The first time Sarah, Paul, Lillie and Sam visit the lady across the road was to see if she could walk. The four youngsters, ages ranging from 8 to 11, had seen the smiling lady sitting in a chair out the front of her house, but never walking. Finally, on one sunny summer afternoon on the school holidays, they went to find out more about her… ‘

 Come fly with me cover-001


After the event.. Mum and I xox

After the event.. Mum and I xox

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